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  PT.Milenia Berkat Abadi (MBABRANDED)Computer Graphic Designer - Graphic Design & Sosial Media OfficerRetail Jakarta  
  PT Senswell InternationalComputer Graphic Designer - Desain GrafisHealth Care Jakarta  
  PT. Kreasi Dwicipta UtamaComputer Graphic Designer - Creative Design GrafisPrinting and Packaging Jakarta  
  PT Nutrisains Computer Graphic Designer - Graphic DesignerPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Cakrawala Laras AdiwarnaComputer Graphic Designer - Graphic DesignerPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Kartikawira AdisuksesComputer Graphic Designer - Design GraphisFood & Beverage Jakarta  
  International CompanyComputer Graphic Designer - Graphic Design StaffPolymer/Plastic/Rubber Bekasi  
  Veneta NusantaraComputer Graphic Designer - Staf Design Grafis (Jakarta)Retail Jakarta  
  PT. Bali Virtual AssistantsComputer Graphic Designer - GRAPHIC DESIGNERMedia Bali  
  PT Tunas Perkasa TekindoComputer Graphic Designer - Design GraphicTrading Jakarta  
  PT Team Creative DesignComputer Graphic Designer - Designer Graphic 3D MaxAdvertising/Publishing DKI-Jakarta  
  PT. Global Adhi PratamaComputer Graphic Designer - Web DesignerComputer/IT Tangerang  
  International CompanyComputer Graphic Designer - Graphic Design StaffPolymer/Plastic/Rubber Bekasi  
  Suryasoft Konsultama, PTComputer Graphic Designer - WEB DESIGNER (for Part Time or Full Time)Computer/IT Surabaya  
  PT Rajawali Indah AnugrahComputer Graphic Designer - Design GrafisGarment/Textile Jakarta  
  PT EN PRIMA FOOD AND BEVERAGEComputer Graphic Designer - Design GraphicComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Benteng Multi IndotamaComputer Graphic Designer - Graphic DesignerElectronics/Semiconductors Jakarta  
  Sumber Daya Menamas Prime ResourcesComputer Graphic Designer - Creative StaffFinancials/Banking Jakarta  
  Pandor Cake Computer Graphic Designer - Graphic DesignConsulting Jakarta  
  PT Agro Boga UtamaEngineer, Computer - IT SENIOR DEVELOPERTrading Jakarta  
  Azimuth Teknologi NusantaraEngineer, Computer - Head of PresalesComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Sentral Bahana Ekatama, PTEngineer, Computer - IT (Information Technology)Manufacturing Surabaya  
  PT Global Prime ServiceEngineer, Computer - Solutions ArchitectInternet Jakarta  
  Omega Recruitment IndonesiaEngineer, Computer - Trainer Software PayrollComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Omega Recruitment IndonesiaEngineer, Computer - IT & GAInterior Design Jakarta  
  Mayora IndahEngineer, Computer - IT SAP (Financial & Project)Consumer Goods Jakarta  
  PT Infomedia NusantaraEngineer, Computer - Database EngineerService Jakarta  
  PT Bintang Mahameru UtamaEngineer, Computer - Application ProgrammerTelecommunications Jakarta  
  PT Artajasa Pembayaran ElektronisEngineer, Computer - Customer Engineer (CEN/ITO)Computer/IT Tangerang  
  Sentral Bahana Ekatama, PTEngineer, Computer - IT SupervisorManufacturing Surabaya  
  Mayora IndahEngineer, Network - IT SupportConsumer Goods Bandung  
  Optimal Wijaya InformasiEngineer, Software - Software EngineerInternet Jakarta  
  PT Datacom SolusindoEngineer, Software - Technical Support ManagerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Datacom SolusindoEngineer, Software - Technical Support StaffComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT.MULTI ADIPRAKARSA MANUNGGAL (KARTUKU)Engineer, Software - Software EngineerFinancials/Banking Jakarta  
  PT Datacom SolusindoEngineer, Software - Technical Support StaffComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Inti Utama Solusindo IT/MIS, Administrator - Technical SupportPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Inti Utama Solusindo IT/MIS, Administrator - IT Network AdministratorPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Sentracom Multi SolusindoIT/MIS, Administrator - Assistant IT, IT Staff, Assistant IT SPVComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Indofood Sukses Makmur, TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - ENTRY DATA & PROCESSING STAFF(code:EDP)Consumer Goods Bekasi  
  PT Optik Tunggal Sempurna (Retail)IT/MIS, Administrator - IT StaffRetail Jakarta  
  PT. Global Cipta MediaIT/MIS, Administrator - Technical Support ITComputer/IT Bandung  
  PT Jaya FermexIT/MIS, Administrator - IT/EDP Supervisor dan IT StaffRetail Jakarta  
  PT. Malifax IndonesiaIT/MIS, Administrator - Technical SupportComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. Mandira AbadiIT/MIS, Administrator - ITTravel Surabaya  
  Mayora IndahIT/MIS, Administrator - IT (SAP - FINANCIAL & PROJECT)Consumer Goods Jakarta  
  Mayora IndahIT/MIS, Administrator - IT (SUPPORT)Consumer Goods Jakarta  
  Mayora IndahIT/MIS, Administrator - IT (SUPPORT)Consumer Goods Bandung  
  PT. Megah Nurindo PratamaIT/MIS, Administrator - STAFF ITPrinting and Packaging Jakarta  
  PT Tunas Artha Gardatama (TAG)IT/MIS, Administrator - Staff ITService Jakarta  
  PT Supra Mediatama HitechindoIT/MIS, Administrator - Techinal SupportComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Pola Petro DevelopmentIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportTrading Jakarta  
  GLOBAL MAJU BERSAMAIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SUPPORT.Consulting Jakarta  
  PT Aneka Cipta Total SolusindoIT/MIS, Administrator - Technical Consultant / Developer - Microsoft Dynamics NAVService Surabaya  
  PT Dhanajaya BogaindoIT/MIS, Administrator - IT Compliance staffRestaurant Tangerang  
  PT. Indotrans DataIT/MIS, Administrator - Technical SupportInternet Bogor  
  PT. Indotrans DataIT/MIS, Administrator - Technical SupportInternet Depok  
  PT Nittsu Lemo Indonesia LogistikIT/MIS, Administrator - Rewards Staff KarawangLogistics/Transportation Karawang  
  PT IsargasIT/MIS, Administrator - STAFF IT (Computer Network)Oil and Gas Jakarta  
  International CompanyIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SUPPORTPolymer/Plastic/Rubber Bekasi  
  PT IsargasIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportOil and Gas Jakarta  
  PT Indospring, TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - Staff EDP (IT)Manufacturing Gresik  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Jakarta  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Banten  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Java, East  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Java, West  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Kalimantan, Central  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Kalimantan, West  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Riau  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Sumatra, North  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Sumatra, South  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Administrator - SupportAgribusiness Sumatra, West  
  PT Berjaya Sally Ceria (Sour Sally)IT/MIS, Administrator - Staff IT CCTVFood & Beverage Jakarta  
  PT Asia Bandar Alam (L'OCCITANE)IT/MIS, Administrator - IT Maintenance StaffRetail Jakarta  
  PT Kana SoftwareIT/MIS, Administrator - Technical Lead for Support EngineerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. Global Adhi PratamaIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. Interactive Media BusinessIT/MIS, Administrator - IT ManagerEntertainment Jakarta  
  PT FTF GlobalindoIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT FTF GlobalindoIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportComputer/IT Bekasi  
  Star CosmosIT/MIS, Administrator - IT Internship (Magang IT : 10 orang)Manufacturing Jakarta  
  PT Mitra Insan SejahteraIT/MIS, Administrator - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STAFFPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Mitra Insan SejahteraIT/MIS, Administrator - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPERVISORPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Mitra Insan SejahteraIT/MIS, Administrator - TECHNICAL SUPPORTPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  Airmas PerkasaIT/MIS, Administrator - IT Support/ Hepldesk ITTrading Jakarta  
  PT Bicom Mitra SolusindoIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT.MULTI ADIPRAKARSA MANUNGGAL (KARTUKU)IT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportFinancials/Banking Jakarta  
  PT Kahar Duta Sarana (PT KDS)IT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Bunda MedikIT/MIS, Administrator - Staff ITHealth Care Jakarta  
  DRTV IndonesiaIT/MIS, Administrator - IT SupportRetail DKI-Jakarta  
  PT Kelly Services IndonesiaIT/MIS, Administrator - IT Helpdesk SupportInsurance Jakarta  
  PT Artajasa Pembayaran ElektronisIT/MIS, Administrator - System Support (SYS/ITD)Computer/IT Tangerang  
  PT Higienis IndonesiaIT/MIS, Administrator - IT and Social Media StaffConsumer Goods Jakarta  
  PT KatamataIT/MIS, Administrator - IT Staff/Technical SupportTrading Jakarta  
  Airmas PerkasaIT/MIS, Administrator - IT Support/ Hepldesk ITComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. Talenta Guna NusantaraIT/MIS, Network Engineer - IT Telco Senior Project Manager (PMP certified)Consulting Jakarta  
  BRecruitIT/MIS, Network Engineer - Senior Mobile Engineer - iOSConsulting Jakarta  
  BRecruitIT/MIS, Network Engineer - Senior Mobile Engineer - AndroidConsulting Jakarta  
  PT Global Prime ServiceIT/MIS, Network Engineer - IT Network EngineerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Global Prime ServiceIT/MIS, Network Engineer - Business Development ManagerInternet Jakarta  
  PT. Malifax IndonesiaIT/MIS, Network Engineer - Network and System EngineerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Tamara Overseas CorporationIT/MIS, Network Engineer - IT EngineerTrading Surabaya  
  PT Tamara Overseas CorporationIT/MIS, Network Engineer - IT EngineerTrading Jakarta  
  Universitas Pelita HarapanIT/MIS, Network Engineer - IT Spelicalist (Network, Developer, System or Business Analyst)Education Tangerang  
  PT IT Service CentreIT/MIS, Network Engineer - IT NetworkComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT.CARDSINDO TIGA PERKASAIT/MIS, Programmer - IT Programing StaffPrinting and Packaging Tangerang  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - General Manager ITPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - General Manager-MekatronikaPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Information Technology StaffPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT Manager-Web ProgrammingPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT Supervisor-Web ProgrammingPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Mechatronic ManagerPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT St. Morita IndustriesIT/MIS, Programmer - IT ProgrammerPolymer/Plastic/Rubber Jakarta  
  PT Pharos IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Web ProgrammerPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Inti Utama Solusindo IT/MIS, Programmer - Information Technology ManagerPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Inti Utama Solusindo IT/MIS, Programmer - Information Technology SupervisorPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Inti Utama Solusindo IT/MIS, Programmer - Information Technology StaffPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Inti Utama Solusindo IT/MIS, Programmer - IT Project OfficerPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Asia Bandar Alam (L'OCCITANE)IT/MIS, Programmer - Senior Programmer StaffRetail Jakarta  
  Kami adalah sebuah perusahaan media cetakIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer IT (IT)Advertising/Publishing Jakarta  
  Dan+DanIT/MIS, Programmer - IT Programmer/IT SupportRetail Tangerang  
  PT Sinar Elok AbadiIT/MIS, Programmer - Web ProgrammerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Qasico Teknologi IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT PROGRAMMER - BACK ENDComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Qasico Teknologi IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT PROGRAMMER - FRONT END (front end programmer)Computer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Intelligent Systems SolutionIT/MIS, Programmer - Junior PHP PROGRAMMERTrading Jakarta  
  PT. Global Cipta MediaIT/MIS, Programmer - Desktop ProgrammerComputer/IT Bandung  
  PT Intellisys TripratamaIT/MIS, Programmer - Developer Java J2SE / J2EEComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Intellisys TripratamaIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer .NETComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Intellisys TripratamaIT/MIS, Programmer - DEVELOPER - PROGRAMMER C#.NET/ASP.NETComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Intellisys TripratamaIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer PHPComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. LIBERTY JAYAIT/MIS, Programmer - PROGRAMMERComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. Global Cipta MediaIT/MIS, Programmer - Web ProgrammerComputer/IT Bandung  
  PT Shape Up IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Junior ProgrammerHealth Care Jakarta  
  PT PARSAORAN GLOBAL DATATRANSIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerTelecommunications Jakarta  
  Island Media ManagementIT/MIS, Programmer - Web ProgrammerMedia Bali  
  PT. Intacsindo Solusi OptimaIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer SQLComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. Intacsindo Solusi OptimaIT/MIS, Programmer - Junior ProgrammerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Omega Recruitment IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Senior ProgrammerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Radana Bhaskara FinanceIT/MIS, Programmer - IT ProgrammerFinancials/Banking Jakarta  
  PT.MULTI ADIPRAKARSA MANUNGGAL (KARTUKU)IT/MIS, Programmer - Software EngineerFinancials/Banking Jakarta  
  PT. AGRINUSA JAYA SANTOSAIT/MIS, Programmer - Staff Programmer (Kode : PRG)Agribusiness Jakarta  
  PT HITSS Sumber Daya Nusantara KonsultanIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer (.Net)Computer/IT Jakarta  
  International Language Course (ILC)IT/MIS, Programmer - Junior ProgrammerEducation Jakarta  
  PT Axiasolusi IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer PB SupportComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Axiasolusi IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - PHP ProgrammersComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Broadcast Design IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - PROGRAMMER ANDROIDEntertainment Jakarta  
  PT Aneka Cipta Total SolusindoIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerService Surabaya  
  PT. Bali Virtual AssistantsIT/MIS, Programmer - PROGRAMMERMedia Bali  
  PT Tarunakusuma PurinusaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT PROGRAMMERConsumer Goods Semarang  
  PT Mitra Insan SejahteraIT/MIS, Programmer - IT PROJECT OFFICERPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Kalimantan, West  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Sumatra, North  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Riau  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Sumatra, South  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Sumatra, West  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Jakarta  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Java, East  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Banten  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Java, West  
  PT Gozco Plantations,TbkIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerAgribusiness Kalimantan, Central  
  Indovisual GroupIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerTrading Jakarta  
  PT Kana SoftwareIT/MIS, Programmer - Senior Java DeveloperComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Kana SoftwareIT/MIS, Programmer - Java DeveloperComputer/IT Jakarta  
  CV Aridhika SolusindoIT/MIS, Programmer - Software DeveloperService Jakarta  
  PT Panarub IndustriIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerShoes Tangerang  
  PT FTF GlobalindoIT/MIS, Programmer - VB ProgrammerComputer/IT Bekasi  
  PT FTF GlobalindoIT/MIS, Programmer - VB ProgrammerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Suryasoft Konsultama, PTIT/MIS, Programmer - PROGRAMMER (Full Time)Computer/IT Surabaya  
  Selnajaya Recruitment & Faro RecruitmentIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerManufacturing Jakarta  
  PT. Sepatu Bata Tbk.IT/MIS, Programmer - IT Programmer/AnalystManufacturing Jakarta  
  PT. Sentosa Eka Perdana PrimaIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerChemical Jakarta  
  PT Widatra BhaktiIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer StaffPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Mitra Insan SejahteraIT/MIS, Programmer - PROGRAMMERPharmaceuticals Jakarta  
  PT Pancakarya Grahatama IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - ITProperty Jakarta  
  PT JMAX IndonesiaIT/MIS, Programmer - SENIOR JAVA DEVELOPERComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Warna Warni MediaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT (Jakarta)Advertising/Publishing Jakarta  
  PT Suvarna Media InformatikaIT/MIS, Programmer - Web Programmer, Net ProgrammerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Suvarna Media InformatikaIT/MIS, Programmer - Web Programmer, Net ProgrammerComputer/IT DKI-Jakarta  
  PT Bahana Sysfo UtamaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT PROGRAMMERService Jakarta  
  PT Global Mobilitas AsiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Application MS Developer (AMD)Computer/IT Tangerang  
  PT Global Mobilitas AsiaIT/MIS, Programmer - Junior MS Application Developer (JMAD)Computer/IT Tangerang  
  PT Kayu PermataIT/MIS, Programmer - IT ProgrammerForestry/Timber Bekasi  
  PT Benteng Multi IndotamaIT/MIS, Programmer - IT ProgrammerElectronics/Semiconductors Jakarta  
  PT Atri DistribusindoIT/MIS, Programmer - IT Project LeaderConsumer Goods Tangerang  
  Binatama Abba SolutionsIT/MIS, Programmer - IT ProgrammerInsurance Tangerang  
  Binatama Abba SolutionsIT/MIS, Programmer - IT ProgrammerInsurance Jakarta  
  Fio HomeIT/MIS, Programmer - Senior Programmer StaffGarment/Textile DKI-Jakarta  
  PT Artajasa Pembayaran ElektronisIT/MIS, Programmer - Programmer (PRG/ITD)Computer/IT Tangerang  
  PT Bintang Karya PerdanaIT/MIS, Programmer - web programmer & android programmerTrading Jakarta  
  PT PonselJobs Indonesia (JO Executive)IT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT. ARTA KARUNIA MEGAHIT/MIS, Programmer - ProgrammerService Jakarta  
  PT Intellisys TripratamaIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - System Analyst - SAComputer/IT Jakarta  
  Omega Recruitment IndonesiaIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - Trainer SoftwareAccounts/Audit Jakarta  
  PT. Bali Virtual AssistantsIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - SEO ANALYSTMedia Bali  
  PT Mediatama Anugrah Citra (Nexmedia)IT/MIS, Systems Analyst - Business Process & MIS Assistant ManagerMedia Jakarta  
  PT Infomedia NusantaraIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - Business SolutionService Jakarta  
  PT Infomedia NusantaraIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - System AnalystService Jakarta  
  Indovisual GroupIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - Junior Technical ConsultantTrading Jakarta  
  PT Toyota Astra Financial ServicesIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - IT System AnalystConsulting Jakarta  
  PT Suvarna Media InformatikaIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - ConsultantComputer/IT Jakarta  
  PT Suvarna Media InformatikaIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - ConsultantComputer/IT DKI-Jakarta  
  PT Artajasa Pembayaran ElektronisIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - System Analyst / EC (SAN/EC)Computer/IT Tangerang  
  Teleperformance IndonesiaIT/MIS, Systems Analyst - IT Security and Quality Assurance AnalystService Jakarta  
  PT Sophie Paris IndonesiaIT/MIS, Systems Engineer - IT Application Support SupervisorRetail Jakarta  
  PT Infomedia NusantaraIT/MIS, Systems Engineer - System DeveloperService Jakarta  
  PT Infomedia NusantaraIT/MIS, Systems Engineer - System TesterService Jakarta  
  PT Global Prime ServiceIT/MIS, Systems Engineer - Support EngineerTelecommunications Jakarta  
  PT. Sumisho E-Commerce IndonesiaIT/MIS, Web Developer - ERP DeveloperRetail Jakarta  
  PT Best Buy Home Shoping IndonesiaIT/MIS, Web Developer - Net DeveloperTrading Jakarta  
  PT Best Buy Home Shoping IndonesiaIT/MIS, Web Developer - Developer OperationalTrading Jakarta  
  BRecruitIT/MIS, Web Developer - Senior Web DeveloperConsulting Jakarta  
  PT. Cipta Mapan Logistic (LINC GROUP)IT/MIS, Web Developer - IT Senior DeveloperLogistics/Transportation Jakarta  
  PT Mitra Sinergi InternasionalIT/MIS, Web Developer - Web DeveloperManufacturing Bekasi  
  PT LogiseraIT/MIS, Webmaster - Web SupportInternet Jakarta  
  PT St. Morita IndustriesIT/MIS, Webmaster - IT WebsitePolymer/Plastic/Rubber Jakarta  
  PT Dunia Marine InternusaIT/MIS, Webmaster - Web MasterMachinery/Equipment Jakarta  
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