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Who we are

As part of Viztamaha Tour and Travel, Xplorea.com was founded to fulfill our vision to promote the beautiful Eco tourism of Indonesia.

Did you know that Indonesia is made up of more than 18,000 islands, filled with amazing natural sceneries of volcanoes, beaches, seascapes, and traditional villages with friendly local people?

Browse our complete eco tour and holiday packages.


Xplorea.com is committed to present Indonesia in the most professional manner. Our many years of experience in the travel industry have given us the expertise to design our many holiday tour packages.

Refined through the years, Xplorea.com Eco Tour packages can offer variety of experiences including adventure, landscape sceneries, and cultural experience of Indonesia.


Xplorea.com tour packages are aimed for satisfaction. We want to create for our travellers beautiful memories and wonderful experiences of Indonesia.

Some of the experience offered through our tour packages:

Thousands of years preserved historical regions
Live and interact with local Indonesian in the mountains and rural villages
Visit hidden beautiful beaches
Hike up challenging volcanoes
Witness amazing sceneries from the top of mountains
Exploration of natural landscapes of Indonesia

Out of the box experience

Aside from the regular eco tour packages, Xplorea.com also offers the not-so-conventional eco tour packages. What do we mean by this?

We offer eco tour packages that will take you to unique places of Indonesia that are not commonly offered. These unique places are usually hidden spots that not many people know, usually still untouched by popular tourism.

Holiday trips to Indonesia are fun, and enjoyable by travellers of any age. However for some of the spots harder to reach, they will present moderate challenge and effort to get there. Some trips might need travellers to ride 4WD vehicles, a hike up the mountain, or by a speedboats.

Come and explore Indonesia with Xplorea.com
For inquiries you may contact us.

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