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Jl. Bumi No 40 RT 01/03, Gunung, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12120

Warung Pintar

Jakarta Selatan

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Senin - Jumat

08:00 - 17:00

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Warung Pintar is a micro retail technology with a mission of transforming micro business for Indonesia’s future economy. With data driven process and analysis, Warung Pintar tries to open windows of opportunity for financial inclusion, social security, behavior analysis, community engagement and impact monitoring.

AnWar stands for Anak Warung, a term which refers to Warung Pintar’s employee. In Warung Pintar, we; as AnWar, are not only a group of people that looking for opportunities to grow ourselves, but also to make an impact to society. We work with our heart and decide with our head to change people’s life.

Our Values

Integrity and Data Driven
These two values are what we choose as our core competencies and how we do our planning. Data driven as our approach to make decision enables the bigger possibility to make higher impact. Integrity is the fuel and constant reminder that doing what is right always wins over doing what is convenient.

Ownership and Do It Fast
These two values describe how we implement our mission. At fast-growing company like Warung Pintar, everybody keeps growing alongside each other. We try to deliver our best performance in timely manner, never want to lose the momentum. Our ownership reminds us that doing it fast alone is not enough, being responsible of what we do is just the bare minimum, the willingness to take the extra miles to create the speed for others is what makes our contribution felt meaningful.

Open and Critical Thinking
These two values help us to review what we have been working on and how to keep on improving. We believe that critical thinking literally is critical. “What can I do to be better?” and “What are the feedbacks that I haven’t share?” are two questions to practice this value.

Meanwhile, being open remind us that our failures means we get to learn faster of what works and what doesn’t.

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Lowongan Kerja di Warung Pintar

Retail Surveyor

28 November 2019

Jakarta Selatan

Gaji Kompetitif

Setidaknya 1 tahun


Apa yang kamu lakukan?

Retail Surveyor merupakan team lapangan yang bertugas untuk melakukan survey terkait harga produk FMCG baik General Trade maupun Modern Trade.

  • Melakukan perbandingan analisa harga produk
  • Monitor harga produk berdasarkan harga pasar
  • Melakukan update terkait promo yang telah disesuaikan dengan harga yang berlaku di pasar
  • Membuat laporan harian hingga bulanan perihal harga produk

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