Junior Electrical Engineer
 at PT Indoaluminium Intikarsa Industri46 Applicants


Salary Range (IDR)

Teknik, Elektro
Job Function

Pemula / Staf
Career Levels

Setidaknya 2 tahun

Teknik Elektro

Diploma, Sarjana/S1

  • Male  ,  Age 25- 35 years
  • D3 / S1 graduate from  electrical engineering
  • 2 years experience in manufacturing industry
  • Must have good understanding in Program Logic Control ( PLC ), AC Motor  & DC Motor
  • Must have good attitude,discipline, willing to work hard, either as a team work or independently.
  • Honest, initiative, creative , responsible, pleasant personality, dynamic, and high self motivated.
  • Ready to work in Bekasi


  • Electronic Systems, Electronics Troubleshooting, Electronic Testing Design,
  • Project Management, Quality Focus, Database Design,
  • Analyzing Information , Reporting Research Results,
  • Attention to Detail, Emphasizing Excellence, Innovation

  • Evaluates electrical systems products, components, and applications by designing and conducting research programs; applying knowledge of electricity and materials.
  • Develops electrical products by studying customer requirements; researching and testing       manufacturing and assembly methods and materials.
About the Company

  • Manufaktur

PT. INDOALUMINIUM INTIKARSA INDUSTRI, which is known as 3i, is one of the most advance and modern aluminium plants in Indonesia that supplies superior quality aluminium thin foil for cigarette, pharmaceutical, and food packaging, roofing insulation, cable wrapping, household, and many other purposes.

On the other hand, 3i also serves the need of aluminium sheet for electrical/ electronic components, cooking utensils, finstock, and general purposes.

3i was established in 1992 with its environmentally friendly plant located at Cibitung, the new industrial sector of Bekasi, West Java, around 40 km away from Jakarta.
Recognizing the increasing need in Indonesia Market as well as the promising prospect for export, 3i is looking for a bright future.

With technical assistance from Pechiney Aluminium Engineering, which is one of the finest aluminium producers in the world, and supported by professional qualified working force and management, PT. INDOALUMINIUM INTIKARSA INDUSTRI commits to provide the best quality product and service to its customers.