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Alamat Perusahaan

Menara Kadin 30 Floor, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Block X-5 Kav. 2-3 Jakarta Selatan

Manual Quality Assurance
PT Nolkesatu Hita Aksata
  • Teknik, Perangkat Lunak and others
    Teknik, Perangkat Lunak | TI, Administrator | TI, Systems Engineer | TI, Systems Analyst
  • WeWork Revenue Tower - Jakarta Selatan
  • Setidaknya 1 tahun
  • IDR 4.500.000 - 7.000.000

Fungsi Kerja
Teknik, Perangkat Lunak, TI, Administrator, TI, Systems Engineer, TI, Systems Analyst

Jenjang Karir
Staf Senior

Setidaknya 1 tahun

Teknik Komputer, Teknik Informatika


  • 1 year (max 2 years) experience as Manual QA
  • Fluent in English since s/he needs to interact with our international team on daily basis
Tanggung Jawab
  • Perform daily end-to-end (E2E) testing from sign-up until disbursement in a staging environment

  • Create report regarding daily E2E testing results and escalate failed test scenario(s)

  • Create a test case for every JIRA task and standardize our test cases to ensure the same test cases are covered during testing

  • Perform testing for every deployment and after every JIRA task has been completed

  • Ensure that newly developed features or bug fixes do not break the other existing features and integration

  • Ensure that tasks and developments fall in the expected time frame of the sprint

  • Work together with the team to maintain the quality of our products

  • Perform production monitoring and bug reporting

Tentang Perusahaan

Human Resources (HR) is a pervasive issue in business everywhere. It is not an easy task to locate potentials, assessing them objectively, and facilitate their on boarding into a company. The HR process could take a lot of resources.

We, PT. Nolkesatu Hita Aksata (NKS), is here for that reason. Providing a vast array standaridzed HR service, we can help you build, ensure, sustain the quality of your Human Resources.

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