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Jl. Agave Raya No.55,Kedoya, Jakarta Barat

Lion Parcel
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    Kreatif / Desain | Desainer Grafis Komputer | Fotografer
  • Lion Parcel Kedoya - Jakarta Barat
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Fungsi Kerja
Kreatif / Desain, Desainer Grafis Komputer, Fotografer

Jenjang Karir
Staf Senior

Setidaknya 1 tahun

Desain Komunikasi Visual


Jl. Agave Raya No.55,Kedoya, Jakarta Barat

  1. Minimal Pendidikan S1 Semua Jurusan
  2. Minimal pengalaman 1-2 Tahun bekerja di Bidang Event, Agency dan Merchandising
  3. Usia 22 - 35 Tahun
  4. Memiliki Sim A (jika ada)
  5. Memahami aplikasi desain seperti adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, dll

Tanggung Jawab

  1. Menyusun strategi untuk pengembangan komunitas dari sisi publikasi, video, dan materi kreatif. 
  2. Membantu proses desain event dan program komunitas bersama offline community team. 
  3. Menyusun konten kreatif untuk komunitas Lion Parcel (Lio Akademi). 
  4. Mengelola konten website, asset, dan publikasi Lio Akademi. 
  5. Mengelola konten kreatif di media sosial komunitas Lion Parcel; Lio Akademi. 
  6. Membantu mengembangkan brand Lio Akademi untuk dikenal oleh komunitas dan non-komunitas di Indonesia. 
  7. Menyusun program, template, dan model untuk publikasi kreatif Lio Akademi. 

Tentang Perusahaan

Lion Parcel was established on February 14, 2013 and engaged in the courier services serving domestic area, supported by the Lion Group network infrastructure and also as one of the largest airline company. As part of the Lion Group, Lion Parcel' mission is to develop the logistics industry with a philosophy to help accelerate economic growth in all domestic areas through the concept of "Just In Time Air Distribution".

Although counted as a new player, Lion Parcel already has the reliable operating network with the support of aircrafts and high flight frequency of the Lion Group as to almost all airports in Indonesia. Lion Parcel provide goods and documents delivery services with many outlets accross the archipelago.

Lion Parcel continue to develop its network and services performance to deliver the certainty and security of delivery goods and documents. Supported by the information systems as well as a commitment to the operating performance of services on a priority basis in order to improve service quality continuously.

Lowongan Kerja Di Lion Parcel
29 November 2019Jakarta BaratGaji KompetitifSetidaknya 2 tahun
29 November 2019Jakarta BaratGaji KompetitifSetidaknya 1 tahun
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