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Alamat Perusahaan

Kepala Depo - Tasikmalaya
A Big Group of Companies
  • Penjualan (Teknis) and others
    Penjualan (Teknis) | Penjualan (Non-Teknis) | Penjualan dan Pemasaran
  • BRATACHEM - Denpasar
  • Setidaknya 5 tahun
  • Gaji Kompetitif

Fungsi Kerja
Penjualan (Teknis), Penjualan (Non-Teknis), Penjualan dan Pemasaran

Jenjang Karir
Manajer - Cabang/Regional

Setidaknya 5 tahun

Farmasi, Ilmu Kimia

Diploma, Sarjana/S1


•    Bachelor’s degree graduated from the recognized university.

•    Minimum 5 years experience at the same field.

•    Strong leadership, administrative, organizational, managerial and communication skills.

•    Demonstrated analytical ability to gather and interpret information, and develop, recommend and implement solutions.

•    Ability to read financial statements and reports.

•    Proven analytical and problem solving skills.

•    Effective oral and written communication skills.

•    Ability to deal calmly and effectively with customers while maintaining and promoting a positive image.

•    Solid interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and motivate others.

•    Proficiency in the use of computers and software programs; including word processing, spreadsheet and e-mail applications

Tanggung Jawab
  • Responsibility for all resources and Sales.
  • Demonstrate and explain products, methods, or services in order to persuade customers to purchase materials or utilize services.
  • Coordinates and monitors all sales to ensure sales rates are consistent with business plan and pattern.
  • Branch Managers are also expected to perform outside sales duties that require a high level of professionalism and a self motivating attitude.
  • Monitors and Coordinates inventory movement between Branches.
  • Regularly reviews and analyzes reports to evaluate Sales. Provides one-on-one feedback and hands on training to increase sales/productivity and quality, in accordance with Branch standards.
  • Investigates errors in order to determine the cause and recommends/implements business solutions where needed.
  • Learn about competitors’ products and consumers’ interest and concerns in order to answer questions and provide more complete information.
  • Identify interested and qualified customers in order to provide them with additional information.
  • Responsible for maintaining inventory accuracy through process development and management.
  • Prepare and alter presentation contents to target specific audience.
  • Opportunities to make decisions. Requires making decisions that impact the results of co-workers, clients, or the company.
  • Manages daily staffing to match volume and ensure Sales targets are achieved.
  • Optimizes daily execution of standardized processes through continuous direction, training, productivity monitoring and evaluation of sales.
  • Provides daily coaching and feedback to hourly associates who are involved in the sales transaction.
  • Responsible for identifying potential labor relations issues and resolving such issues with the Branch Managers.
  • Responsible for maintaining high level of customer morale, including contributing to and ensuring the maintenance of a professional workplace environment.
  • Performs additional duties relative to managing the company’s processes/goals
  • Preferably domiciled in Tasikmalaya and its surrounding city

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