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Sales Executive Flavours For Tobacco , Shisha & Vapore
CV. Bangkit Jayaa
  • Penjualan dan Pemasaran
    Penjualan dan Pemasaran
  • head office - Sidoarjo
  • Setidaknya 5 tahun
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Fungsi Kerja
Penjualan dan Pemasaran

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Staf Senior

Setidaknya 5 tahun

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- Usia Min.30 th

- Lulusan SI semua jurusan

- Memiliki SIM C / SIM A

- Memiliki pengetahuan tentang teknik pemasaran.

- Pembelajar yang cepat, proaktif, orang yang energik.

- Pola pikir pemenang dan berorientasi pada target.

- Keterampilan interpersonal yang sangat baik

- Pemikiran analitis yang baik, keterampilan komunikasi & negosiasi yang baik.

- Setidaknya 5 tahun pengalaman kerja dan berpengalaman di perusahaan tembakau / industri vapor, shisha dan tembakau shag

- Kemahiran dalam bahasa Inggris adalah keuntungan.

- Diutamakan perokok aktif

Tanggung Jawab

- Mencapai target penjualan termasuk volume, nilai dan target kuantitatif atau kualitatif yang ditetapkan oleh manajemen.

- Bangun dan pertahankan hubungan pelanggan yang kuat dan tahan lama dengan bermitra dengan mereka dan memahami kebutuhan mereka.

- Memberikan laporan penjualan, pendapatan, pengeluaran, serta perkiraan realistis kepada Manajer Area

- Mengawasi aktivitas harian dan produktivitas kinerja penjualan.

- Membuat rencana strategi di area pasar.

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Tentang Perusahaan

CV BANGKIT JAYAA was founded by Mr. Gatot Pringgondhani on 27 September 1993 as a private company
located in Surabaya, East Java. On her early age, CV Bangkit Jayaa has only one staff and has no
distributorship. The company is mainly dealing with Food Ingredients..
In July 1994, the shareholder structure of CV Bangkit Jayaa was changed and the company was fully taken over
by Mr. Gatot Pringgondhani.
In March 1995, one big achievement was made by CV Bangkit Jayaa by acquiring the distributorship from RC
Treatt & Co. Ltd. for Indonesia market. RC Treatt is the main operating company of the Treatt group, a world-
leading, independent ingredients to the flavour and fragrance industries.
In April 1997, CV Bangkit Jayaa made another business movement when it was appointed as distributor for
Tobacco Flavour for Indonesian market by VMF Mane Fils S.A., one of the worldwide leaders in the fragrance
and flavor design industry with its headquarters in Bar Sur Loup, France.
In the year of 2003, following its successful path of gaining distributorship from some leading suppliers, CV
Bangkit Jayaa was appointed as the distributor within Indonesian market by PT Tripper Nature, a supplier of all
spices, such as Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamon, Ginger, etc.
In October 2007, another successful story of CV Bangkit Jayaa while expanding its wings was when appointed as
the authorized distributor for east Part of Indonesia by PT National Starch, a reputable company recognized as
the global leader in specialty starch technology and manufacturing for food applications.
Looking to expand its product lines, CV Bangkit Jayaa has also been dealing with import of Tobacco Leaves from
Brazil, Natural Products from Spain such as, Paprika Oleoresin and Sweetener and Aromatic Chemicals and
Essential Oils from China.
During its rapid growth, CV Bangkit Jayaa has made some other main business achievement for other products,
among them are Cigarette Papers and Food Products such as Food Flavours, Spice Powders, Raw Materials for
Flavours and Essential Oils.
The following decade would see CV Bangkit Jayaa as a growing up and branching out company, expanding its
product line and activities and ready to take the challenge of globalization while trying to understand what
customers desire. Located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, its first branch office, founded in December 1999
had been providing service for some major clients whose products dominate food product distribution in
The second branch office, located in Central Java, Semarang, founded in August 2007 is responsible for
providing good and reliable service for customers in Central Java.
In August 2009, CV Bangkit Jayaa was officially appointed authorized distributor of JK Sucralose, Inc., the largest
professional Sucralose manufacturer in China and the second largest one in the world, offering sweet solution for
a healthy life through her product.
In November 2009, CV Bangkit Jayaa made another good personal approach in business and was proudly be
appointed as the authorized distributor of Masson Group Company Limited, dealing with vivid food raw materials
and ingredients series, possessing the largest production line of distilled monoglyceride in China.
In May 2011, CV Bangkit Jayaa once again made new reliable business partner while being appointed to be the
authorized distributor of Synergy (High Wycombe) Limited, a European leading manufacturer and supplier of
flavours, yeast extracts, seasoning blends and cuisine pastes for the food and beverage industry.
Today, CV Bangkit Jayaa employs 44 staffs among its Sales Force, supporting administration and other divisions
such as Quality Control Division, Production Division and Warehouse Division while keep being open for
employment opportunities to qualified professional that meet company’s requirements.
Following the principle of high quality, efficient and reliable, during her mature age, CV Bangkit Jayaa has
established good cooperation with suppliers and distributors from other countries such China, India, Singapore,
Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Ireland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, UK, Greece, Brazil,
Zimbabwe, Croatia, Malawi, Italy, Germany, etc. and its turn over is approximately USD 12,000,000.00/Anum.
Thus, its reputation is built on the contribution of technical knowledge, special people and accumulation of
valuable experience for decades.
In September 2012, CV Bangkit Jayaa made big change on company logo to strengthen her existence in her specialty. The new logo reflects the initial of BJ, was designed to describe dynamic patterns symbolize liquid or
chemical substance (essential oils, natural specialities, aromatic chemicals, tobacco flavors and food
ingredients). With the logo appears strong, rock solid and moves symmetrically in 180° direction, CV Bangkit
Jayaa has proven her continuous and long-lasting business survival with strong character and ensure the quality
of her products are applicable to most media.
In March 2016, CV Bangkit Jayaa officially announced her separation of her tobacco business unit from food
business unit, of which CV Bangkit Jayaa focusing herself on tobacco products and allowed her sister company
to manage the food ingredient products.
In April 2016, CV Bangkit Jayaa had the honor of being appointed as sole agent of Touton S.A. (France), a
leading agro-industrial actor with over 150 years’ experience of providing their customers with high quality
commodities and services, entrusting clove products originally from Madagascar and Comoros.
While change has been made, history of CV Bangkit Jayaa keeps being continuous along with creativity, innovation and better achievements.

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Sales Executive Flavours For Tobacco , Shisha & Vapore
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