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Requirements to register at Graduate Trainee Program
  • Ic muda
    Young & Taleted

    Maximum one year working experience

  • Ic komunikasi
    Good Communicator

    Able to speak and write fluently in Indonesian & English

  • Ic travelling
    Love Traveling

    You are willing to work in any city in Indonesia

  • Ic lulusan
    Bachelor or Master

    You own a Bachelor or Master Degree with a min. GPA of 3.0

  • Ic bakat
    Leadership Skill

    Have organizational experience and able to lead a team

  • Ic independent
    Highly Passionate

    Interested in one of this function Sales GT, Sales MT, Supply Chain and HR.

What are the processes that you will go through?

Recruitment Process for Graduate Trainee Program
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CCAI Recruitment Schedule (ODRP)

Patra JasaJakarta25-Jul-18
Patra JasaJakarta26-Jul-18
Universitas TrisaktiJakarta30 Juli 18
Universitas TrisaktiJakarta2-Aug-18
Universitas HasanudinMakasar8-Aug-18
Universitas HasanudinMakasar9-Aug-18
Institut Teknologi BandungBandung13-Aug-18
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberSurabaya20-Aug-18
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberSurabaya21-Aug-18
Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia - TrisaktiJakarta24-Aug-18
Universitas DiponegoroSemarang27-Aug-18
Universitas DiponegoroSemarang28-Aug-18
Universitas Sumatera UtaraMedan3-Sep-18
Universitas Sumatera UtaraMedan4-Sep-18
Universitas SriwijayaPalembang7-Sep-18
Universitas SriwijayaPalembang8-Sep-18
Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia - JakartaJakarta13-Sep-18
Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia - JakartaJakarta17-Sep-18
Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia - JakartaJakarta18-Sep-18

CCAI Recruitment Schedule

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About Graduate Trainee Program
Graduate Trainee Program (GTP) Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia is designed to develop the best talents in pursuing our challenging management positions at CCAI. If you think you have high motivation, drive and dedication and currently seeking an opportunity to develop your skills and challenge yourself, we invite you to join our Graduate Trainee Program at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia.
  • Adzan Rio Djatmiko

    General Manager Foodstores Execution

    GTP Batch 5

    I joined Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) in 2002 as GTP Batch 5 for technical department/manufacturing. I completed the GTP Program for 1,5 years, including: cross-departmental training. My first assignment was as Distribution Officer in the Supply Chain Department. It was not my first choice but I’m the kind of person who thinks that the journey is just as important as the destination. I decided to take the opportunity to learn the business process in various departments, including: IT and Warehousing. I finally joined Sales Modern Trade on my 4,5 years with CCAI, and I am now the GM FS execution for West Indonesia Region. It hasn’t been an easy road to travel, but hard work pays off. I am a living proof that the CCAI’s capability building programs, including GTP, enable employees to continuously grow and maximize our potential.

  • Indra Hananto

    PMO Manager

    GTP Batch 9

    We are distinguished by our results, and the GTP program provides the path for us. I have learned that our journey depends on our choices, whether we want to be a part of something special or just being a mediocre. What I can share with you through this journey is that in less than 5 years I’m proud to be part of the team that is one of the game changers in CCAI’s business. I started my career as a Sales Representative (SR), and continue the ladder until I become part of regional marketing team as PMO Manager in Customer Value Proposition Team (CVP). I won’t be who I am today without the GTP program, and I would recommend future GTP program participants not to be afraid to do more than is expected from you and to be ready to work hard. Also, resilience and the ability to withstand external factors that could get in the way of your goals are very important.

  • Fatimah Zahra Achmad

    HR Operation Manager National Office

    GTP Batch 9

    I started my career as Graduate Trainee, which gave me the privilege to have a full basic understanding and knowledge of the business from all Subject Matter Experts for almost 1 year and full access to talk to the Functional Director directly to ask for suggestions or advise. After finishing my Graduate Trainee Program, my career enhancement has never stopped. I was rotated through many positions and sections in HR in which was offered by my managers. At that time, I can see how the leaders truly care about their subordinates’ career progression and learning journey. They allowed me to leave their team to embrace new challenges in my new positions. My current role enables me to think strategically, come up with my own solutions in many business issues, being innovative and at the same time leading my team. I felt that this Company has been a wonderful place to learn personally & professionally – I have been taught by amazing coaches, supervisor, managers, leaders, peers, and also by my subordinates!

  • Novina Eka Suryaningrum

    National Logistics Planning Manager

    GTP Batch 12

    Are you wondering why my picture is upside-down? I have been doing that since I joined CCAI as GTP batch 12 in 2013, everyone deliberately replied my email just to ask why my profile picture is upside-down, and I always give them an answer, my picture is representing the way I think. I see something from different point of view, it helps me to not only understand my side but also their side, and able to give an effective solution to the business. CCAI GTP program is the way to be involved in the business faster, you have chance to present your idea in front of the leadership team, implement it, and see the result. Do not afraid to do something different, because the main purpose of GTP is to bring new ideas into the business. Anyone laughed at me in my first presentation, but in less than 3 years I become National Logistics Manager. If you are into challenging career, I encourage you to join CCAI GTP program, you’ll be surprise!

  • Angga Suksma Wicaksono

    IT Manager – Sumatera Region

    GTP Batch 9

    It was an honor to be part of GTP-IT Batch 9. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills during the completion of my GTP program. At CCAI, we never stop learning, and that motivates me as the agent of change for better improvement in CCAI to learn and work harder. I started my career as an IT business solutions analyst and in less than 5 years I become the Regional IT Manager for West Island Region. I would recommend future GTP program participants to have the strength and willingness to work hard and reach your potential.

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