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Jalan Raya Bogor Km 28 No 29 Rt 3 Rw 3 Kelurahan Pekayon Jakarta Timur Kecamatan Pasar Rebo


PT Dharma Karyatama Mulia

Jakarta Timur

Konsultan (Bisnis & Manajemen)

Senin - Jumat

07:30 - 16:30

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PT. Dharma Karyatama Mulia (DKM) was established on January 14, 1997 in Jakarta with its core business as the company which is engaged in the Facility Management, on the basis of demand for services / service that is increasingly needed in the era current global. Our goal is to establish a new dimension of a new industry that has been developed at this time in accordance with the development of business in our country Indonesia.

PT. Dharma Karyatama Mulia is Enterprise Facility Management with three kinds of main business:
- Cleaning Service / Housekeeping (including General Cleaning, Landscaping and Gardening)
- Security Services / Security Guards
- Parking Management
- Car Rental
- Trading
- Construction

PT. Dharma Karyatama Mulia has a very basic solid, where the foundation essentially begins with the corporate governance structure that is steady and extends the operational excellence that are rooted in the Company's Vision and Mission are obvious and inherent to the Quality Policy the company attached to the Corporate Commitment.

Hari Kerja

Senin - Jumat

Jam Kerja

07:30 - 16:30


Konsultan (Bisnis & Manajemen)

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Being a service provider and provider of reliable and propesional and environmentally responsible


Realize the real work quality, prioritizing an excellent service and always maintain the good name of company founder Gobel Business Group.
Realizing professional work mechanism by utilizing information systems and technology to meet the challenges of globalization.
Realize the security environment and the business world through pamswakarsa to empower the potential possessed by the community.
Realising the cleanliness and beauty of the environment to support the creation of harmony, harmony and comfort in a community environment and work environment.
Realizing full employment opportunities and the creation of well-being is a unity that is not separated to achieve high productivity values.

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