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A Powerful Combination

  • Automated Job Posting to Karir.com
  • When you post your job on ERIKA it will not only appear on your company career page but also Karir.com automatically. The candidates will apply through Karir.com so you can enjoy our other features such as online English Test, Interest Test, Communication Test and our newest Logic Test.
  • You will also enjoy Karir.com’s other benefits such as job alert to candidates, social media boost, and employer branding
  • Premium Customer Care Services
  • Our dedicated team will assist you in making sure that you will get the candidates you need

Online Recorded Video Interview

Get your freedom by planning a flexible interview schedule! ORVI is a smart solution for both you and your future employees. This feature allows candidates to do HR interview anytime and anywhere using their smartphone or PC/laptop.

You may submit any questions the candidates needs to answer. They have only one chance to answer each question, and you can watch the videos on your convenient time.

Reasoning Test (Tes Logika Dasar/TLD)

This ability test is a psychological instrument that identifies individual’s intelligence aspect related to one’s work accuracy and efficiency, decision-making and problem- solving.

Aspects of inductive reasoning:
  • Attributes: generalization (similarities), discrimination (differences), cross classification (similarities and differences)
  • Relations: recognizing relationships (similarities), differentiating relationships (differences), system construction (similarities and differences)

Working together with the Psychology Institute of Atma Jaya University Jakarta, we develop a Reasoning Test based on the theory of inductive reasoning by Johnson- Laird & Bryne (1993) and also Klauer & Phye (2008).

Candidate Application Tracking System

You are able to track and manage your applicants through your recruitment process in an easy simple way

CV Parsing (Lite version)

If you have applicants who applied from other sources, you are able to add the applicants with our CV parsing feature. Currently supporting CVs with LinkedIn and Jobstreet format.

Onboarding New Employee